Tuesday, July 3, 2012

To Market, to Market

My favorite way to spend a lazy, Saturday morning.
I'm so lucky to live so close to one of the best farmer's market in the entire country.  Best of all, unlike many markets, this one is open year 'round.

 Just like your average farmer's market, there is an abundance of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Produce grown with pride.  Picked within 24 hours of arriving at the market. 

  Food that is sold to you by the same person who grew it.  

Many foods grown organically.  Some legally certified organic.  Some not.  
The majority grown without harmful chemicals.   

Although I love my fruits and veggies, I love the availability of non-produce foods.  Fresh meats and seafood.  The best thick-cut bacon you will ever eat.  Raw, organic cheese.  Breads and Pastries.  Sprouted Grains.  Homemade jams, jellies, and sauces. Real food, made by real people. 

Yolo Land and Cattle - Where I bought my 1/4 side this winter
Humble Roots Farm - sprouted grains, legumes, etc.
Mission Fresh Fish

As I walked thru the market stopping at each stand, admiring each sellers goods, stocking up on my favorites, a sweet old lady stopped me and asked if she could take a picture of my basket.  She said it looked so beautiful, so yummy, so summery.  

"Of course." 

Then she pulled out her iPhone and took this picture.    

Next Saturday morning, when you feel like sleeping in, why not get up a little bit earlier than normal. 
Meet me at the market.
Try something new!  
Meet the wonderful men, women, children...families...that grow your food.  
Tell them "thank you."
Once you shop at a Farmers Market, and taste how fresh the food is, you will never want to shop at a grocery store again. 

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