Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet & Spicy

Coffee, tea, or me?

If you had to categorize me according to my hot beverage preference, I definitely fall into the coffee side of life.  Dad used to drink pots of it growing up, Mom wasn't a huge fan of it unless it was decaf,  and I think I started drinking somewhere in high-school maybe younger. Coffee was just always around when I grew up.

I always thought tea drinkers were she-she, but in a very complimentary way, like fine wine connoisseurs. 
When I went to Europe years ago in my early 20's I thought that it was certainly a cultural thing to be a she-she tea drinker.  I brought buckets of it back from England to gift to friends and family alike.

Tea in itself is certainly it's own culture.  It's an art form and a rich history. 
One that I am not well educated in but have learned to appreciate.
It spans the globe and can be found referenced during the BCs in China & Egypt, in aged scrolls, as commodity meant to be traded, and a means to start a revolution in the harbors of Boston circa 1773.

While I'm certainly not a historian by any means and definitely still not she-she, I have grown to love a certain tea over the last couple of years.

(the Classic packaging: source)

It's the Good Earth's signature tea and my absolute favorite!
It is sweet, oh but it is spicy! 
(and caffeine free too!)
I could drink cups and cups of this all day long and during the colder months that's just what I do.

Once upon a time, I used to always have a few bags of it in my purse and found myself handing them out to friends and strangers alike like the Bible tracks my grandmother used to keep in her deep pockets to leave in phone booths and at bus stops.

Directly from Good Earth's website:
An aromatic sweet cinnamon tea with hints of orange. Our full
flavored signature blend offers up a rich, spicy fragrance
followed by a sweet, warming, clean taste without added sugar.

As if a cup of this deliciousness wasn't incredible enough by itself, all the bag tags are inscribed with brilliant nuggets of information, little pick me ups from famous authors, writers, philanthropists, musicians, and now recently open to tea lovers and Sweet & Spicy fans everywhere!

I saw their Tea Tag quote contest on Facebook a few weeks ago and thought about what nugget of information I might have to contribute. 
I finally came up with one sometime in the sleep-deprived hours of  this late night and early dawn. 
My submission, as entered today is:

Music is Medicine.
Lyrics a poet.
Tempo a heartbeat.

I could very easily sit back and say that the same about my favorite Sweet & Spicy Tea:

It is a cup full of medicine (and comfort).
It's blend is a poetry.
Every sip makes my heart skip a little beat.

If you happen upon it sometime, give it a try!
(Of if you're lucky enough and you happen upon me in the Winter months with my pure in tow, I might even have a little bag of goodness to pass off to you.)

~ Lo

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  1. I was always a coffee drinker {starbucks, please} until I developed a bit of a dairy intolerance. This summer I switched to making my own iced tea and I will never look back. I do enjoy coffee when I make it at home because I can add crazy, hippie things like flax milk to it! ;)