Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Things Turn Into Big Things

We've all had that day at work when we wake up feeling a little off. We go in to the office feeling a little tired, a little headachy, a little grumpy. The morning drags by, the headache gets a little worse, your eyelids are trying to shut, and you want nothing more than to make the underneath of your desk into a "Costanza bed."

Then comes lunch time.

Nothing really sounds good except a munching on a bottle of chocolate covered Advil, washing it down with a barrel of sugary caffeine, and following it up with a three hour nap in your sun-baked car. And even if you're hungry, all you usually want to eat is some deep fried salt, smothered in cheese, with a side of chocolate.

But I'm trying to be healthy.

I had that day today. Nothing sounded good. I felt crummy. I would rather have been in bed, napping the day away, than arguing on the phone with the people who like to make my job more difficult. As if working for the government isn't hard enough lately.

Lunch time approaches. The angel and devil on my shoulders start arguing.

Man, a giant Dr. Pepper sure would help kill that headache of ours.

But all the sugar and empty calories. We've been doing so good lately. Drink some water. 

We should just go to In-N-Out. We could get fries while we are getting that extra-large soda. Mmmmmm salt.

More empty calories we shouldn't eat. Plus, we know we need to be limiting potatoes.   Dr.'s orders.

Eh, whatever. We're doing so good lately. A little cheat won't hurt.

No, no, no.  I'm not going to get fries and a soda.  That's not in today's plan.  Today's plan is to be healthy.  Make good decisions.  I've been strong for the past 4 months.  One day of feeling under the weather isn't going to derail my goals.  

I took a break.  Left the Arctic chill of the office and made my way to the cozy comforts of my car.  I drove down the street to the grocery store.  I made my way to the deli and visited the made-to-order sushi counter.  I asked the chef to prepare me an (my) allergy friendly brown rice salmon roll full of crunchy veggies.  Perfect.  As I walked back across the store to the register, I stopped at the wall of cold drinks.  My gaze locked in with a beautiful bottle of Dr. Pepper.  I took a deep breath, told that red vixen to shut up, and was about to reach for a bottle of water,when my eyes wandered over to the most beautiful sight at that moment.  


Why didn't I think of that in the first place?!?!  Just enough caffeine to help kick my headache, but none of the empty calories or garbage ingredients to ruin my goals for the day.  It's one of my favorites! 

I headed back to the office.  Refreshed.  It was good to get out of the office for a few and I made good choices.  I was ready to get back to work.  

Today was a good day. 

Brings back memories of drinking unsweetened sun tea at Grandma's by the pool

Think about it.  An extra-large fast food soda will set you back upwards of 500 calories.  If you had an extra-large soda ever day with lunch, that could mean a minimum of an extra 10,000 calories per month! Consuming an extra 3,500 calories will make you gain 1 pound. 
10,000 calories = 2.85 pounds per month or 34.25 pounds per year. 
Add in a piece of candy every time you walk by the receptionists' desk and a couple donuts a week from the break room and you are on your way to needing new pants every 6 months.  
No wonder it's so challenging to lose weight when you work in an office.  Little things like swapping out soda with unsweetened tea really add up over time.  

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